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In my works here & there surfaces a gentle breezy nostalgia rendered subtly through old letters., windowpanes, a grandfather clocks ticking of days, hours, months, with an annoying regularity that folds up much loved times in its all embracing-grasp. I grope my way in through the musty cobwebs of time.
Another recurrent motif is birds. Fluttering away in to the distant horizons…. What do they signify? A quest perchance…..

Being a woman has that thing about it, you get hurt easily, see meanings where none exist, try to reach the depths of everything. Being an artist doesn’t help much either. A combination of both complicates matters, or perhaps simplifies it. The interest in woman-centric themes shows in feministic inspirations that I have worked on with a touch of fantasia. The works portray women reaching out into the space, perhaps for freedom, perhaps to lend a helping hand, or then again perhaps to strive & touch the stars. The forms encompass the myriad roles that I AM asked to play – now a creator, protector, protector, a mother, a child, a friend, a victim, victor, in- charge, submissive, loving , jealous – a kaleidoscopic view of the female form.

Recently, after passing initial years of motherhood, grumbling of the role which I have to play everyday I have a deep realization within me which pricks me that God does not give this chance to experience life to everybody. I have seen mothers striving to get just one child year after year, with all kinds of prayer. Now this series of works are an outcome of that realization.

For me the foremost source of inspiration is nature, the most important, initial source.
Like a contemplative walk in the morning mist, ordinary objects in nature – flowers, a
branch, hills – begin to take shape through the fog and recede from your vision as you pass.

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